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Kathryn Ptacek’s “Shadoweyes”

After writing and publishing for 4 years under 3 pseduonyms, Kathryn Ptacek’s 1984 Shadoweyes became the first title published under her name. In the 36 years since its publication, the formula and structure will read familiar to horror fans…

Horror Haul Saturdays: Mr. K’s Used Books in Charleston, SC

It’s become a favorite quarantine-era date and pastime for my wife and I to go out horror hunting across the southeastern US to add more tomes to the Macabrary. At long last, we made it to Mr. K’s Used Books in North Charleston…and it did not disappoint!

Ronald Malfi’s “Snow”

Malfi excels in creating likable protagonists with enviable speed, and for anyone who has ever been stranded in an airport (or anywhere else for that matter), they’ll likely feel drawn to the novel’s relatable and well-rendered protagonists. With a Christmas promise and a strained divorced/custody situation on the line, Todd shares the last 4-wheel driveā€¦

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