About Mark

Writer. Reviewer. Collector.
Horror Addict.

Perhaps you’ve got a shelf (or several) overburdened by yellowing paperbacks, their die-cut and embossed covers featuring ghastly images of screaming mouths and forbidden places. My passion for horror started in grade school and it’s something that’s grown, from a small collection of choice paperbacks into a full fledged library — or Macabrary, as I call it.

It’s here in these pages you will find a cache of horror, collections and lists of horror novels, anthologies, and everything in between, along with critiques and reviews of the best (and not so best) in equal measure. I’m always on the hunt for more horror, and every “Horror Haul” I make will always be posted, along with the book store, photographs of all acquisitions, and the complete tale of the trip.

I love hearing from other horror fanatics — who introduced you to the dark? What are you reading? Always feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you’re reading…or what I should be.